Bld. 44, Lenina str., Ivanteevka,
Moscow region, 141280, Russia
Tel./Fax: +7 495 500 05 86, +7 495 542 59 80
E-mail:           diamet@mail.ru
Website: diamet-lnk.ru

The main spheres of activity of Diamet NVP, Ltd:
A testing laboratory accredited in the Federal Service for accreditation:
Evaluation of the technical condition (the annual technical inspection), prolongation of operation period of amusement rides, waterparks, equipment for kiddie playgrounds and sportsgrounds, theatrical and stage equipment.

Manufacture: production of self-owned amusement rides (7 types);
repair of amusement rides manufactured in Russia and abroad.

Supply: new and used amusement rides from abroad (Europe and China).

Оборудование: для помещения

По степени воздействия: детские

По степени воздействия: семейные

Оборудование: для улицы

По степени воздействия: экстремальные