Block 2, Kechuang 2nd Road,
High-tech Industrial Park, Yantan District,
Zigong, Sichuan Province,
643000, China
Tel.: +86 1328 1378 137
Fax: +86 0813 5802 203
E-mail: info@oadinosaur.com
Website: www.oadinosaur.com

Zigong City Ocean Art Co., Ltd., was established in 2009, which is located in High-tech Industrial Park, Zigong City, Sichuan Province, and it is an integrated scientific and technological enterprise which specialized in design, development, manufacture, sales and exhibitions of simulation products. Ocean Art focusing on research and development of animatronic dinosaurs, simulation animals and insects, dinosaur fossils and skeletons, artificial ancient plants, buried excavation field, miniature landscapes and walking dinosaur garment and other simulation products.

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