Mobil Lab

18a Beshtaugorskoe highway,
Pyatigorsk, Russia
Tel.: +7 995 106 10 06

Our company Mobil Lab has  been successfully implementing mobile play labyrinths throughout Russia and neighboring countries for  the last several years.
The mobile labyrinth is the most convenient and profitable business with a payback period of one working season. They are ideal for outdoor activities, do not require registration with technical supervision, can operate  even in winter.
- Only us can offer  the most competitive  price
- We are responsible for the quality of our goods, and provide warranty service term for one year
- We have simplified the opening / closing of the labyrinth as much as possible, on average up to 20 minutes
- We most effectively use the maximum allowable dimensions for transportation by road
- We provide a complete package of documents accepted by  all regulatory authorities
- We receive dozens of positive reviews
   Every customer becomes our friend and always receives the most loyal terms for the next purchase.