RAAPA Education Center

PO Box 74, Moscow, 129343, Russia;
Of. 3, Bld.18/2, Kosmonavtov str.,
Moscow, 129301, Russia
Tel.: +7 495 604 11 29
E-mail: tec@raapa.ru, raapa@raapa.ru
Website: www.raapa.ru

RAAPA Education Center has been executing the training course of specialists of amusement industry in the System of voluntary personnel certification of Russian amusement industry enterprises since 2006. The personnel certification system is entered in the Federal Register and is valid in all Russian regions. During the training, the participants of the course study amusement industry profile: organization of safe operation of amusement rides; work with personnel; legal grounds of the entertainment business; basics of the labor safety; improvement of the efficiency of entertainment equipment operation etc. At the end of the training each participant is awarded a certificate of a Specialist of safe and efficient operation of amusement rides and entertainment equipment – the federal level document that proves the professional qualification in the sphere of safe and efficient operation of amusement equipment. The certificate validity term is 3 years. At present, over 1800 specialists of amusement industry from 250 towns and cities of Russia and the CIS countries have accomplished the training at RAAPA Education Center.

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