Factory of Attractions

Bld. 4, Pochtovaya Str.,
Oktyabrsky settlement,
Ryazan region, 391720, Russia
Tel./Fax: +7 491 302 10 97,
E-mail: faba81@mail.ru
Website: www.faba.ru

Factory of Attractions designs and manufactures serial certified amusement rides which have recently been modernized:
- Chain carousel (Fantasy, Space), Flight, Railway (Train Bear cub, Pegasus), Pneumatic-tired train, Mini-Waltz, Ship, Wedding carousel, Air balloons, Jet “Cascade”, Ice slide, Zhu-Zhu carousel, Fairy –tale themed attraction "Fable". All attractions are supplied with the declaration of conformity.
New developments:
16-seat chain carousel “Forsage” for kids and adults,. “Ula” carousel, 18-seat Ship.