Zigong Hualong Science&Technology Co., Ltd.

No.1,Rongchuan No2 Branch Road,
National High-Tech Zone,
Zigong City,Sichuan Province, 643000
Tel.: +86 18808228882
E-mail: hlys@zghualong.com
Website: www.bestdino.com

Hualong was established in 1996, and is located in High-tech Zong of Zigong named the Dinosaur City. The factory covers an area of 30000sqm. The number of employees is more than 200 People. Hualong has a wide range of high quality products (CE &ISO 9001:2008&SGS), including animatronic dinosaur, animatronic animal(sea animals), dinosaur fossil, сartoon characters, park construction and festival lantern. The simulation products are applicable to museums, theme parks, geoparks, tourist attractions, shopping malls etc., we have exported over 60 countries.

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