Testing, Inspection and Certification Center «Safety», Ltd.

Room 51-N, Bld. 5/1, Obshchestvenny lane,
192029, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: 7 812 412 60 16, 7 812 412 38 48
Fax: 7 812 365 41 83
E-mail: director@safepark.ru
Website: www.safepark.ru

Confirmation of compliance with the requirements of the regulations TR EAEU 38/2016 "On the safety of attractions" and TR EAEU 042/2017 "On the safety of equipment for kiddie playgrounds", certification and control tests of all types of amusement rides, kiddie play equipment, water attractions and other entertainment devices .
Voluntary certification of equipment for sports fields, theater equipment, racks.
Assessment of the technical condition of amusement rides, assessment of their residual life and extension of service life.
Diagnosis of metal structures using non-destructive testing methods using modern diagnostic equipment from leading companies.
Issuance of conclusions on the technical condition of amusement rides and other entertainment devices.
Examination of design, technological and organizational documentation.

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