Construction of rope parks

Novosibirsk, Russia
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Turn key rope park.
A business that pays off in one quarter.
We have been designing, manufacturing, installing, monitoring rope parks for 11 years all over Russia.
 The sanctions period and the situation of uncertainty had a negative impact on the tourism sector. The need of children and adults for inexpensive entertainment and positive emotions remains in priority.
Opening a rope park in your region will create a multi-format leisure site for  people of all ages.
 Such a business can be profitable not only in big cities, but also in small ones, because there is no alternative to this type of recreation now!
 Rope parks can be   different designs and placed in different ways!
 Maintenance costs are minimal thanks to materials that retain their original quality for 10 years.
 We create rope parks on trees, reinforced concrete and metal supports, mobile parks on a wooden frames within 3 months. You will receive a working business project that will not require your daily participation in it.
Our range of services includes:
* Selection of a site for the future park with a visit to the territory
* Creation of a detailed layout of the park, taking into account the location and customer requests
* Manufacture of park structures in accordance with GOST
* Transportation of assembled rope park elements
* Mounting  of the rope park from 5 days
* Preparation of the route tracks by our instructors
* Lifetime rope park maintenance
For everyone, we can develop an custom tailored  rope park project, taking into account all your wishes.
We build quickly, with quality  and at reasonable prices??
For further information, please contact at: +7 (913) 703-40-54