RLQ Solution

Of. 325, bld.5, Konstruktorov str.,
Yekaterinburg, Russia
Tel.: +7 (343) 219-01-50
Email: info@rlq-solutions.ru
Website: https://rlq-solutions.ru/

SUROK (CCSMS)- Cloud Control Solutions Management System.
Our system solves the following tasks for the owner:
- Eliminates the need to install complex equipment.
- Provides full control of the ticketing system with video recording, enhances control of the worker and eliminates detours.
- The system can work completely without cards, paper tickets or be integrated with cash receipts.
- Reduces the owner's wage fund.
- Raising the margin of the project due to a unique loyalty system, a repeated visit to the amusement park by a guest.
- Raising margins through digital goods that guests of the recreation area can purchase.
- Quick payment system - QR routing will allow you to pay quickly and easily for the attraction without queues and unnecessary search
- Reduction of cashbox modules.
- Flexible control system adapts to almost any recreational area.
- A unique mobile application for your project with uploading to marketplaces.
- Personal account management with statistics for each point.

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