Bld. 14, Warehouse 2,
Zagotzernovsky pr.,Kirov, 610046, Russia
Tel.: +7 922 962 05 59
E-mail: info@dinomachine.ru
Website: www.dinomachine.ru

Dinomaсhine company is a Russian manufacturer of static and animatronic exhibition figures of dinosaurs, insects, skeletons, fossils, bas-reliefs, props, decorations and other small architectural forms for amusement parks, shopping and entertainment centers and all kinds of amusement industry objects.
The company specializes in the design, development, production of figures both according to the existing catalog, and according to individual sketches of customers.
It also produces figures in accordance with GOST, ISO.
The company provides after-sales service, maintenance and restoration of the figures.
It’s possible to control and visit the production site at all stages of figures manufacture.

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