Altay Composit

Bld. 42, Mira str.,
Barnaul, 656907, Russia
Tel./Fax: +7 3852 67 71 31
Mob.: +7 960 936 89 24

Various thematic figures, complex theme design of parks, playgrounds. Benches, litter bins, furniture for cafes and much more that will help to decorate your park.
Manufacture and sale of kiddie, family amusement rides and entertainment equipment for amusement parks and family entertainment centers. Our products: colorful carousels for kiddie and family leisure, chain carousels, bumper boats, pools, kiddie and family railroads, recreation boats and catamarans, renewal of outdated attractions. The company is guided by many years of experience in the production and operation of amusement rides. We deliver all over Russia, to the CIS and other countries.