Of. 505, Bld.2, Sverdlova str.,
Penza, 440000, Russia
Tel.: +7 906 396 82 75

“PhotoTime” is the largest company in the provision of photography services in the field of leisure and entertainment. Thanks to “PhotoTime” you will give your visitors an original chance to purchase professional photos that will appear on social networks, which will provide additional advertising for your business. Our services and our souvenir products are in great demand by visitors in kiddie entertainment centers. For 7 years of successful work, we have opened more than 200 representative offices on the territory of kiddie entertainment centers in 60 cities of Russia. In 2019, “PhotoTime”  went beyond the Russian Federation and opened its first representative offices in the republics of Belarus and Kazakhstan. At the end of 2021, “PhotoTime” is actively growing and developing both in Belarus and in Russia. We are constantly developing and improving our service and quality of services, paying attention to everything.

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